Project Description

Alice Merton

Pop music’s rising star Alice Merton is coming to this year’s Sea Dance Festival and Addiko Main Stage powered by Tourist Organization of Budva! Her debut single “No Roots” made its way through Europe last year, as Alice Merton in her life. The single has reached Platinum status in Germany, Gold status in Austria and France and reached in various countries top positions in the official charts.

Even North America embraced this charismatic young musician, as No Roots found itself at the top spot of Billboard’s Adult Alternative Songs airplay ranking! This made Merton the first female soloist to top this chart since Adele and the first female solo artist to lead the Rock Airplay chart since Lorde!

Moving from one country to another marks the story behind her debut single – Alice Merton was raised in Canada, moved to Germany and then to England. In her early childhood, she started with taking piano lessons and later with vocal training. Over the years, she started to write her own songs and dream of being an artist. Her dream came true after founding her own record label Paper Plane Records Int. and releasing the song “No Roots”, while not so long ago she surprised fans with another smashing number “Lash Out”. At the beginning of this year she won the European Border Breaker award which is handed out to young artist who achieve considerable success across Europe. Next to come – Merton’s energy-packed performance on Sea Dance Festival and a debut album in 2018!