Project Description

Sajsi Mc

A fave of the underground rap scene and younger generations Ivana Rašić, better known under the pseudonym Sajsi MC, is one of the few women on the top of the rap industry in the Balkan region. The collaborations that lead Sajsi to the stars were the ones with DJ and producer Damjan Eltech. While Damjan composed ultra-popular songs “Mama” and “Roze tašnica”, Sajsi has written lyrics for the mentioned hits and rapped them. The crazy success of both numbers was followed by single “Nadrkano hodanje” which has millions of views on YouTube.

She’s often collaborating with other artists, such as The Beatshakers, Krankšvester, Salieri Del Flores and many others. After the recently released album “Rad, rad i samo bleja”, published by Lampshade Media, a new video and song “Kod tvoje devojke” in collaboration with L-FREEJ, made a big fuss for supporting same-sex sexual orientation.