This year’s edition of Sea Dance, fifth in a row will be held at a new location and at a new time. After months of media coverage, today the heads of the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism of Montenegro, Budva Municipality and EXIT Team finally confirmed this at the joint press conference. Annex to the 10-year contract of support to the festival has been signed and Sea Dance will take place from Thursday, August 30th until September 1st at the new beach with perhaps the highest potential on the entire Adriatic coast, the turquoise cove near Buljarica in Budva.

Buljarica is the longest beach on the Budva riviera, stretching over 2.2 kilometers of sand and soft gravel, with clean turquoise water, a large beach area, beautiful natural backdrop, and deep green shade for this year’s festival goers in the camp. The management of Budva municipality will support and be proactively involved with the festival, with the common goal to develop this awesome destination and present it to the world, in order to increase the number of tourist visits to this beautiful beach for the duration of the festival, as well as the rest of the year.

Realization and organization of such a complex and important project at a national level would not be possible without close cooperation and partnership with the government of Montenegro, which has confirmed their support through the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism in the past weeks.