Many global and regional music stars, such as Konstrakta, Senidah, Anfisa Letyago, Mahmut Orhan, and other performers from this year’s Sea Dance, as well as numerous other musicians, actors, athletes, and influencers, are delighted with this year’s edition of the festival! They share the impression that Sea Dance is an unforgettable seaside experience, a great time, a festival full of energy, emotion, laughter, love, and memories created for the ideal end of the summer.

This is my first time in Montenegro as Konstrakta, and getting this type of response from the audience always means a lovely concert. Sea Dance’s location is so beautiful that I regret that the festival does not take place during the day. This place is gorgeous,“ said Konstrakta, who had her premiere Montenegrin performance at Sea Dance.  Senidah brought fan-favourite songs, intense energy and an excellent stage presence to Sea Dance. “The best audience is where everyone gathers, and that’s Sea Dance! This festival will remain in my soul; the audience is excellent“, said the Balkan trap queen.

Mahmut Orhan made the whole beach dance during his set, and after the performance, he was full of impressions: “I have already been to Montenegro, but after this performance, I am even more delighted with it. The stage is just a few meters from the sea, and that generates a feeling that other locations can’t. Thank you, Sea Dancers!“ Anfisa Letyago’s set, which techno fans heard for the first time, raised the atmosphere to another level and remained at that level until dawn. “This was an unforgettable night!” Anfisa shared her impressions after the set.

“We love Sea Dance and Montenegro; the festival’s location and the view of the Adriatic Sea are beautiful; this is one of the most perfect locations in the world! The production, crew, and audience are great! We want to come back; the summer never ends!” said Mind Against, a world-famous Italian duo. Human Rias, who did a perfect job closing the second night on the festival’s main stage, said, “I have to say that I am impressed with the festival’s location; the people and the music are fantastic! I am also delighted with the beauty of Montenegro. Thank you, Sea Dancers; I love you with all my heart!“

Mimi Mercedez also brings unforgettable memories from the festival and her first performance in Montenegro “This is by far the best festival experience I’ve had, the best festival ever for me! Incredible, it was a real summer festival atmosphere, which I think every performer lives for“, said Mimi. “It was unique!” said Marko Louis, who exuded incredible energy, going down into the crowd and joining Dubioza Kolektiv on stage, delighting everyone in the audience on the last night of the festival. “Gang, thank you for the eternal summer,” said Seksi, from Crni Cerak, whose rhymes and beats had the audience bouncing non-stop. The seven guys from Dubioza Kolektiv are particularly delighted with the location. “We can only be jealous, we have 24 kilometres of shore, and you have a great coastline,” said Vedran Mujagić.

“This is my first time at Sea Dance, and I’m delighted! The audience is phenomenal, the location is beautiful, and the energy is amazing as well, so I’m thrilled with how everything went!” – said Coeus.

Aside from the Sea Dance performers, other public figures who attended the festival were also enthusiastic about this year’s edition.

“The best way to end the summer in Montenegro is to come here! My husband and I are here every year, we never miss these three days of amazing fun, and I hope we will be able to take our daughter with us in a few years!” said the multi-award-winning Montenegrin actress Sanja Vujisić. Influencer Vladimir Veselin Zvekić posted on his Instagram profile: “This is my first time here, and I don’t know what you think of this festival, but I’m delighted. The sea, music, friends, and good energy are things that heal the soul, or at least my soul.” Tamara Šustić, the Serbian actress known for her roles in the series “Grupa” and “Preživeti Beograd”, was one of the Sea Dancers in the VIP box. The young actress was particularly fascinated by Anfisa Letyago’s performance, which she watched from up close on the stage itself, later posting on Instagram, “this is how it’s done”.

“I’m so happy to be here! I’ve been to many festivals worldwide, and it’s great that Montenegro has something like this! The energy is wonderful, the people are great, there are many locals, but also many foreigners like me.” said Kach Umandap, an influencer who has visited over 170 countries. The former Budućnost and Crvena Zvezda basketball player who has also played in the NBA, Slavko Vraneš, also visited this year’s Sea Dance. The Montenegrin big man was spotted having fun and enjoying himself in the festival’s EXITverse virtual reality zone, after which he went to Senidah’s performance, which he enjoyed from the VIP box. 

The VIP box also hosted the likes of: influencer Vladimir Veselin Zvekić, reality show stars Nevena Blanuša and Tena Tomljanović, model Ivana Brcan, rap prince Kene Beri, influencers: Lana Šahbaz, Nikita Kars, Leona Dios, Anastasija Gorbunova, Anto Lutovac, Ana Lisjenko…

After an extremely turbulent period, Sea Dance again showed what makes it the most important Montenegrin festival. Over the course of three days, more than 40,000 visitors from many European countries passed through the festival gates to enjoy a superb programme consisting of performances by international and regional music stars, whose impressions, together with the audience’s reactions, confirm Sea Dance’s status as one of the most recognisable musical events on the Adriatic coast.