In its eighth edition, the Sea Dance Festival continues the tradition of promoting local performers who can use the Together. Always! Stage as a platform to present themselves to a wider audience, confirming Sea Dance’s position as a festival that supports and affirms the Montenegrin electronic scene. The tremendous support the festival received from numerous electronic-music acts in the days when its future was hanging in the balance also testifies to the powerful mutual connection.

A party to remember was thrown last night at the Together. Always! Stage by: Necke, Soft 85, Sen Oliver, Marko Pajković, OAK brothers, Marko T, 84 bit, Nessuno, John-K and Rudhaman. A great local line-up gathered true electronic-music aficionados, who danced as one until the early morning hours.

The Sea Dance show was the first festival performance for some of them, which could be felt by the enthusiasm with which the DJs mixed track after track. Sen Oliver and Marko T are among the acts that had their premiere festival performances, and the audience responded with energetic dancing creating a fantastic atmosphere.

“The energy that reigned at the Together. Always! Stage tonight cannot be described; it could only be felt!” – said Sen Oliver after his performance, while his colleague Marko T added, “It is a great honour to perform at such a big festival, and it is amazing that Sea Dance creates a space for local artists every year”.

Tonight, the opening of the Together. Always! Stage at 8 p.m. will be the responsibility of Marc Stan, and after him, Starac will take over the DJ counter, while Mr Mips will begin his set at 10 p.m. Vlado Božović make the audience dance at 11 p.m., and Lazar will perform a back-to-back set with Vuk Đurišić at midnight exactly. The back-to-back performance of Branko Vuković and Iks Oks is scheduled for 1 a.m., while Mr Lekka and Mallex Marrero will bright the audience to a boil at 2 a.m., followed in the same rhythm by Budo Šuković. Satie will perform in the early morning hours, and Stamina will bring the party to a close.

On the last day of the festival, Sunday, August 28th, the music selection at the Together. Always! powered by Guarana stage will be the responsibility of Nikola Soc, Stanco, Konatari, Pim Secle b2b Pelzensers, Double Needle b2b Doshljak, CHBX, Burkakke b2b Straks, Buba, Lerr and P.S.