Dubioza Kolektiv’s Instagram post has triggered an avalanche of support for the Sea Dance festival from every corner of the globe! The post inspired others to join, so some of the region’s biggest stars: musicians, actors, fashion designers, and influencers, are all united in one thing – Sea Dance must take place!

In a post that has delighted the fans, one of the biggest bands in the region said loud and clear: STRONG SUPPORT FOR THE SEA DANCE FESTIVAL – WE ALL WANT TO DANCE! There is no question about it: We wanna dance, come to Sea Dance!

Support has come all the way from Australia, from the creators of one of the biggest hits in recent years, “Love Tonight,“ the duo Shouse whose premiere performance before the Montenegrin audience is planned for this year’s edition of the Sea Dance festival, and the other headliners joined them: techno superstar Nina Kraviz, Balkan trap queen Senidah and Eurovision winners KALUSH Orchestra.

The Kotor rap duo Who See sent a clear message: “We are Who See, and we feel the need to support the biggest music festival in Montenegro, Sea Dance, to take place again this year because many good musicians show up and there are a lot of great parties. See you there!”

“Come on, people, show your support; they want to shut down our festival”Katarina Bogićević Kejt appealed to her fans on Instagram. Montenegrin pianist Tamara Sirius sent her support from Dubai, where she is building a successful international career.

The unstoppable wave of support was strengthened by Montenegrin film and theatre stars: Momo Otašević, Mišo Obradović, Kristina Obradović, Petar Burić, Sanja Vujisić, and Julija Milačić Petrović Njegoš, as well as their colleague from Serbia, Slaven Došlo.

“Let’s not allow it to shut down; let’s all show our support!” – reads the post on the Instagram account of the Montenegrin National Theater actress Julija Milačić Petrović Njegoš, while her husband, the famous Montenegrin sculptor Marko Petrović Njegoš also joined in the support.

Serbian trapper Micka Lifa said, “We want and love the Sea Dance festival.”

Montenegrin fashion designer Lazar Ilić and his Serbian colleague, creator and influencer Anđelija Budurić expressed their wish for the Sea Dance festival to take place, despite all the difficulties.

Colossal support came from the Montenegrin electronic music scene, which is not surprising, considering that the Sea Dance festival has nurtured a practice of providing opportunities to local performers for years and that many of them had their premiere festival performances at Sea Dance. The posts from DJs: Proximus, Audiostrom, Slobodan Popović P.S., Buba, Raven, Iks Oks, Mr. Mips, Nemanja Backović, Mr. Lekka, Double Needle, Branko Vuković, Nikola Bečić, Lerr, Marko Todorović, Zael, Marko Burić, Stamina, Ilija Rudović, Sen Oliver, Straks, OAK brothers, Marek Tripkowsky serve as a reminder of how big the Sea Dance family is, while Montenegrin bands like Vrpca and Parampaščad did not fail to show their support either.