The eighth edition of the Sea Dance Festival, which will take place from 26th to 28th August on Budva’s Buljarica beach, brings a rich music programme but also a handful of other interesting activities and zones. These will be realised in the spirit of social activism that the EXIT Foundation has been faithfully promoting for years through all its festivals, aiming to raise young people’s awareness and solve issues of importance for all of us.

The focus of this year’s zone of social activism at the Sea Dance festival is the ecological mission to preserve and protect our planet, as well as all life on it, so various activities will serve to promote environmental preservation with an emphasis on raising awareness of the importance of each individual involved in that process. Visitors to the festival will have a unique opportunity to participate in several campaigns and activities throughout the Eco Zone as a result of long-term cooperation between the EXIT Foundation and other organisations with a common goal – pointing out the preservation of the planet as a burning issue in the modern age.

This year as well, as part of the environmental segment of the festival, there is a collaboration with the Recan Foundation, which has been successfully implemented through all of EXIT’s festivals for years, and this year’s Sea Dance festival will be no different, featuring two projects: “Pixelata“ and “XO box”.

One of the festival’s biggest environmental attractions, “Pixelata”, as part of the “Every can counts” programme, will also have its place at the Sea Dance festival this year. All festivalgoers will be able to participate in the creation of a large mural made of cans, which will be a unique work of art and a unique combination of art and recycling. Thus, fans can contribute to environmental protection by recycling cans. Each can, which visitors will draw on themselves or with the help of a graffiti artist, will find its place on this unique mural and become one pixel on a six-by-two-meter wall. This campaign to preserve the planet with the aim of raising awareness of the importance of environmental protection has been implemented since 2018.

XO box – The interactive XO box is a replica of a game of “Tic-Tac-Toe.” The XO box game uses empty recycling cans. MAGIC BOX is a unique project, a combination of recycling and fun, and thus contributes to music festivals having an as little negative impact on the environment as possible.

During the festival, volunteers from the Recan Foundation will patrol the grounds with recycling backpacks and collect cans. The volunteers are very easy to spot, so visitors can easily put their cans into one of the volunteers’ backpacks. The collected cans will be recycled and find their way back to stores shortly.

Mental health

The mental-health-focused messages, which will be found throughout the festival, have the goal of pointing out the great importance of mental health, as well as the importance of ubiquitous support. “Understanding is an act of love,” “We are here to connect,” “Take care of each other,” “Be kind,” “Compassion will save the world,” “Together. Always!” These are just some of the numerous motivational messages in the festival area. Bearing in mind the pronounced impact that the pandemic, the economic crisis, and the war in Ukraine continue to have on humanity, during this year’s festivals, the EXIT organisation tried more than ever to be there for visitors and pay special attention to mental health, and this practice will continue at Sea Dance. The messages posted and broadcast throughout the festival aim to help those who are fighting internal battles feel like they belong and are accepted.


A multi-year project seen in all events within the EXIT festival family is the project of collecting items from performers for humanitarian purposes. In the Stars4Kids campaign, stars who perform at festivals donate personal items (instruments, clothing…) and sign them so they can be sold in an online auction. A global auction will be held shortly, and all the collected money will be used to treat sick children.