Preparations for this year’s Sea Dance Festival edition, to be held from Thursday, August 30th to Saturday, September 1st. The turquoise pearl of the Adriatic, the Buljarice beach in Budva, will be visited by the leading music stars of the world, as well as the region. During the three day festivities, fans from all over the world will have the opportunity to enjoy the unforgettable performances of the most important names of the world music scene: Nile Rodgers, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Paul Kalkbrenner, Nina Kraviz, Alice Merton, Lost Frequencies and many others. The sand-and-gravel shore, hugged by a thick belt of pine and deciduous forest and a three hundred years old olive grove, make Buljarice a true green oasis and a perfect location for long summer festival nights, with awesome daily parties in the company of friends, cocktails and the sound of the waves!

For all the festival fans in Montenegro, Sea Dance has ensured organized bus transport from almost all cities in Montenegro to Buljarice beach for the duration of the festival, every day from August 30th to September 2nd.
The following departures are planned:

Buses from Nikšić, in the days of the festival, will depart for Buljarice in front of the Monastery at 16:00. Along the route the buses will stop and take passengers in Danilovgrad at 16:30 at the roundabout, Podgorica at 17:00 in front of the Cathedral and Cetinje at 17:30 at the bus station.

Ulcinj buses will, for the duration of the festival, depart for Buljarice beach at 17:00 from the bus station. On the route to Buljarice, the bus will stop and take passengers in Bar, at 18:00 at Topolica hall.

TRANSPORT UNAVAILABLE | Buses from Bijelo Polje, in the days of the festival, will depart for Buljarice at Bijela Rada hotel at 14:00. On the route towards the festivals, the buses will stop and take passengers in Mojkovac, at 14:30 at the bus station and Kolašin at 15:00 in front of the Bianca hotel. | TRANSPORT UNAVAILABLE

Buses from Herceg Novi, in the days of the festival, will depart for Buljarice at 17:00 at the Sport Centre. On the route towards Buljarice, the buses will stop and take passengers in Tivat, at 18:00 at the Eko petrol station.

Buses from Kotor, for the duration of the festival, will start for Buljarice beach at 18:00 at Kamelija.

The time of arrival of all buses to Buljarice is 20:00 from all locations, while the return from the festival for all buses will be 04:00h.

The price of the return ticket from Podgorica is €18, Cetinje €16, Nikšić €29, Danilovgrad €23, Bijelo Polje €39, Mojkovac €35, Kolašin €28, Ulcinj €15, Bar €7, Herceg Novi €19, Kotor €14, Tivat €17. The ticket is purchased upon entering the bus just before departure.

All the buses will have a “Sea Dance transport to Buljarice” sign.

Shuttle bus service at the Budva – Buljarice route

For the duration of the festival, on the Budva – Buljarice line, as well as Bar – Buljarice, a shuttle will be organized for transport – the best and easiest manner of transport to the festival and back, in order to reduce the need for individual arrival of visitors. The shuttle transport will be done continuously from 19h to 01h every day, at every half hour mark. The return of the buses from Buljarice beach will be done between 01 and 06h, from the bus stop on the main road.

All departures from Budva will be organized from the stop at the Tre Canne building, at every half hour. On the way to Buljarice, the buses will stop and take passengers in Bečići at the bus stop at Mediteran hotel, on Sveti Stefan at the Adrović hotel and in Petrovac at the marketplace.

All departures from Bar will be organized from the stop at the Topolice hall, at every half hour. On the way to Buljarice, the buses will stop and take passengers in Sutomore at the stop opposite the bus stations, and in Čanj, at the turn for Čanj.

From Budva and Bečići the ticket for Buljarice is €3.5, from Sveti Stefan €3.00, while the price from Petrovac is €1.5.

The price from Bar is €3.5, from Sutomore €3.00, while the price from Čanj is €2.5.

Official festival taxi service

The official taxi service for the festival is Palma taxi. The guaranteed price on the Budva – Buljarice line is €24 per vehicle.

The taxi stop will be clearly marked on the festival location.

Sea Dance – a part of the green festivals

Sea Dance Festival has joined the “green festivals” family in Montenegro by participating in the campaign of UNDP and the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism, “Reduce your carbon footprint. Jazz on. Greenly”. Green festivals around Europe are becoming the norm and work is being done on creating an ecologically sustainable festival industry. The goal is to reduce the amount of waste in festival camps, achieve a high rate of recycling, raise awareness and the level of knowledge regarding climate change and environmental protection, as well as promote green transportation.

The best fun in the Sea Dance Festival camp

Maslina camp is already well-known to tourists, and it will host festival goers at the end of the season! Tucked in among the 300-year-old olives and various tree cultures that together provide a pleasant atmosphere, with parking, toilets, showers, electricity, wi-fi. Visitors can also rent smaller as well as luxurious tents and camp equipment. Located a couple hundred meters from the sea and close to the festival location, this is the perfect accommodation for the duration of the festival, for those who do not appreciate sleeping under the stars. To complete this unforgettable summer experience, the tickets for the Sea Dance camp are on sale for €29.5, and the camp opens from August 29th to September 3rd for five days of sea extravaganza!

More information on the offer, as well as reserving camp equipment, can be found on the official page of the festival,, under the Accommodation section.

Promo price tickets only until Wednesday, August 22nd!

Three-day festival ticket packages can be bought at the price of €24.99, only until Wednesday, August 22nd. Daily tickets are also on sale for the individual price of €14.99. Apart from the regular tickets, VIP zone tickets are also on sale. VIP Gold ticket holders can enjoy the benefits of a special desk for wristband pickup, a separate festival entrance, as well as the access to the VIP Terrace. Price of the VIP daily ticket for the first day is €40 and for the second and third day it is €60, respectively. VIP Gold ticket package for all four days is priced at €100.

Since yesterday, tickets can be bought at the square of Budva’s Old Town, at the festival info desk, where all the interested parties will be able to receive information regarding the festival, buy tickets, as well as have fun and win some awards.
Ticket packages, daily tickets, camp tickets, as well as VIP tickets can be bought in the GIGSTIX Montenegro sales network, at 54 sale locations in 23 cities in Montenegro. The list of locations where Sea Dance tickets can be bought is available at the official festival website: