Dear friends,

As you may have already heard, this year’s edition of the Sea Dance Festival has been postponed for 27-29 August 2021, with the new performers being announced soon.

If you purchased tickets for the Festival during 2020, you can save them for the 2021 edition, win great prizes and benefits, or you can return them and get a refund.

There are many good reasons why you should save your 2020 ticket for Sea Dance Festival 2021!

Save money and pick up a gift ticket!

Saving your ticket is a better option than getting a refund, and then changing your mind and buying another ticket because your ticket may have been purchased with no less than a 20% discount compared to the current price. In addition to that, by saving your Sea Dance Festival 2020 ticket you will also get a ticket for Sea Star Festival in Croatia!

Great prizes

By saving your ticket you will be in the run for one of the many prizes which include a backstage tour of the festival, free camp accommodation, an upgrade to a VIP ticket, merch packages, and last but not least – a lifetime ticket to Sea Dance Festival!

Merch discount

Absolutely everyone who saves their ticket will get as much as 20% discount for the Sea Dance Festival merch of their choice.


Sea Dance 2020 tickets refund application period ended on October 15.

Sea Dance Festival