Nina Kraviz, Konstrakta, Shouse, Anfisa Letyago, Mahmut Orhan, and Many Others Will Blast Through the Anya Sound System in Two Days!

This year’s edition of the Sea Dance festival will feature the super-powerful Anya sound system and a VR zone, bringing the best VR festival experience in the world! The well-known festival production team has prepared spectacular stages for global and regional stars such as Nina Kraviz, Konstrakta, Shouse, Anfisa Letyaga, Mahmut Orhan, Mind Against, Dubioza Kolektiv, Senida and many others, who will stand before a Montenegrin, regional, and global audience in just two days!

Anya is one of the most prestigious sound systems in the world, produced by the famous American company EAW (Eastern Acoustic Works). It had its American premiere at the festival giant Coachella, and it came to Serbia for EXIT 2016, bringing an audio revolution!

The emergence of Anya in the world of sound technology is compared to the revolution that the iPhone introduced in the market of mobile phones and tablet computers. The growth of the global event industry, especially in the domain of electronic music, has seen an increase in demand for sound systems producing high-pressure soundwaves. Several leading manufacturers have launched high-power systems, but only Anya has delivered a technology which, in addition to power, offers complete control over frequency distribution without physically redirecting the speakers. The system is upright, while a series of computers analyse the space and adapt it so everyone in the audience can hear the music with equal intensity and precision at all times!

VR Sea Dance Zone: Best VR Festival Experience in the World

The exclusive VR project that EXIT presented at EXPO Dubai, featuring famous EXIT Festival locations recorded with an 8k 360 VR camera in July 2021, will have its Sea Dance premiere. Sea Dance visitors will thus be able to experience the EXIT festival as if they were at the Petrovaradin Fortress but also reach places that are not ordinarily accessible to anyone! They can stand on the Varadin bridge over the Danube, which thousands of people cross daily to reach the Petrovaradin Fortress and the festival. They can also spend some time at the main gate and the intersection that leads to the numerous festival stages and zones. David Guetta awaits at the Main Stage, but this time, they can stand right next to him, in a place no one has stood before! At the nearby, world-famous mts Dance Arena, visitors can stand next to the legendary Paul Kalkbrenner and Solomun, and they can look at the temple of electronic music and a splendid sunrise from the VIP zone.

The Anya sound system will allow every Sea Dance act to sound perfect, including Nina Kraviz, Konstrakta, Shouse, Mahmut Orhan, Mind Against, Anfisa Letyago, Human Rias, Dubioza Kolektiv, Senidah, Marko Louis, Who See, Marko Nastić, Coeus, Ilija Djokovic and many others.  Sea Dance starts in just two days and will take place from 26th to 28th August at Buljarica beach!

The current ticket prices will be valid until Friday, August 26th, leading up to the final price increase.

Tickets are available here.