After raising the dust on Exit’s Gang Beats stage and shaking the Petrovaradin Fortress with a premiere performance of their new song “CC#3“, Crni Cerak is now arriving at Sea Dance to stir up the sea with hits like “Pare Pare,” “CC#1,”  “CC#2,” “Džungla od betona” and many others.  

The Serbian trap crew from the Belgrade Cerak neighbourhood, Crni Cerak, consisting of frontman Seksi, Biba, Bandra and Ourmoney, are convincingly the most prominent representatives of the new wave on the regional trap scene. For the last three years, they have been relentlessly collecting millions of views on YouTube and today, they are among the most sought-after trappers in the region. They grew up together and have woven into their music the way of life in the Belgrade Cerak neighbourhood.

They say that everything begins with rap because that’s how you learn to tell a story, and their story is mainly illustrated by the flawed but crucial parts of their life adventure. They are raw and honest, and their career is a direct product of many years of friendship between a few Belgrade kids and a great love for music.

Unlike many artists today who became famous through social networks, they got their fan base through WhatsApp. When they started actively writing songs during the work week and recording them on weekends, they never uploaded them to any streaming platforms. Their method was sending songs to their friends, who then shared them and listened directly in the messaging app.

When they realised that people knew about Crni Cerak without a single word, line, or beat of theirs on the internet, they switched to YouTube and got millions of views and became a regional trap phenomenon without spending a second on the trending list. Their boyish, experimental approach to music allowed them to have covers and remixes of songs by regional folk singers in their discography, as well as direct products of UK Drill

Seksi says that honesty took them from their neighbourhood corners where they came up with lyrics to the millions of views and the unprecedented popularity among an entire generation: “We were who we are, we never lied, and that’s how we got here.” In their three-year career, they have had many packed performances throughout the region, mosh pits, screams, and overall fan excitement for everything these guys put out.

One of the main motives of their music is local patriotism, so even though they would prefer not to leave Cerak at all, performances like this are more than a good reason to leave the adored part of the city that shaped them both as personalities and as musicians.

The indisputable talent and killer beats and rhymes created by this colourful bunch were noticed by Miloš Avramović, the producer of the films “Južni Vetar” and „Južni Vetar 2, Ubrzanje,” who chose the CC crew for the movie’s soundtrack. For them, on the other hand, this opportunity served as motivation to dedicate themselves to a project like never before. The collaboration resulted in over 18 million views, and the rest is history.

On the stage of the Sea Dance festival, they will be joined by the super talented Lacku, who, through his solo work and numerous collaborations with Bombe, Zicer Inc, Seksi, Ludi Srbi and others, has shaped Serbian trap. His debut album “Idealan gas” presented him as a complete musician and positioned him as an artist with the power to redefine the scene. As an individual, he is extremely important to Seksi, whose life, as both say, he changed. 

A trap spectacle is guaranteed when it comes to this crew because each of their performances is a testimony to the changes in the music industry, which the Sea Dance audience will have the opportunity to experience on the Main Stage on Sunday, August 28th.