One of the leading global techno superstars, Anfisa Letyago, invited Sea Dancers to her performance tonight, which will also be her premiere appearance in Montenegro! “Can’t wait to see you all at the Sea Dance festival,” she told her fans!

Anfisa Letyago exudes intense Mediterranean energy at the DJ counter, and her tapes are the epitome of the new wave of techno and minimal techno. In a short time, she has reached the ranks of big electronic-music stars such as Nina Kraviz, Amelie Lens and Charlotte De Witte, while her DJing skills have been highlighted by none other than Carl Cox.

Unlike most DJs in her generation, she didn’t start her musical career at the DJ counter but by mixing tracks on a Pioneer CDJ 100s player. Her love for collecting naturally led her to vinyl. All of this formed the basis of what she was about to present to the world – pure talent and love for electronic music, but also an impeccable work ethic.

The Adriatic coast will rock to her premiere set, which will undoubtedly feature her excellent singles “HAZE“, “Nisida“, and “Catch The Spirit“, only a few of the many reasons why Sea Dancers can’t wait for her performance tonight!