This year, the Sea Dance Festival continues to improve the Montenegrin scene by providing support for local performers. Among others, the most famous local hip-hop duo Who See will ensure an unforgettable time at the biggest festival on the Montenegrin coast. The maestros from Kotor join the fantastic line-up of regional and local stars of the electronic scene, consisting of:  84 BIT, Anjusic, Branko Vuković, Buba, Budo, CHBX, Došljak, Double Needle, Iks Oks, John K, Konatari, Lazar, Marko Pajković, Marko T, Mr Lekka, Mr Mips, Nessuno, OAK brothers, Sen Oliver, Pelzensers, Pim Secle, Rhudaman, Satie, Soc, SOFT 85, Stamina, Stanco, Starac, Straks, Vlado Božović and Vuk Đurišić. These will be the first festival performances for some Montenegrin DJs, confirming the role of Sea Dance as a festival that promotes and affirms local performers.

The strength of the Sea Dance community is also evidenced by the support the festival received from Montenegrin performers in the days when this year’s edition of the festival was up in the air. Local performers join the already announced list of global and regional stars, such as: leading techno acts Nina Kraviz and Anfisa Letyago global, hitmakers Shouse and Mahmut Orhan, world-famous duo Mind Against, most sought-after regional acts: Konstrakta, Senidah, and Dubioza Kolektiv, winners of this year’s Eurovision, the phenomenal KALUSH Orchestra and many others.

The Kotor group Who See, consisting of Dejan Dedović Dedduh and Mario Đorđević Noiz, created a revolution in the region’s hip hop scene in a very short amount of time, placing themselves at the very top of the list of the region’s best performers. In 2019, this strong duo took home the award for the best hip-hop track from the first MAC Award ceremony in Belgrade with the song “Naselje”. They return to the Sea Dance Festival to sing Đe se kupaš, Nemam ti kad, Ja bih, Papalada, Pješke polako, Nije preša, Koji sam ja meni kralj, Dinamida and many others that have become anthems of the hip-hop genre and absolute favourites at music festivals. They have also announced the release of a new album this year, so Sea Dance fans can expect to hear premiere performances of a few new songs. 

The Boka duo gave their full support to the festival during the time when its latest edition was up in the air, sending a clear message “We are Who See, and we feel the need to support the biggest music festival in Montenegro, Sea Dance, to take place again this year because many good musicians show up and there are a lot of great parties. See you there! “ Numerous DJs from the Montenegrin electronic scene joined the unstoppable wave of support, which is not surprising, considering that the Sea Dance festival has nurtured the practice of providing opportunities to local performers for years.

Rapper and producer Lacku will join the crew of Crni Cerak to kick up some dust together and shake the ground at the Budva beach Buljarica, as they have done for a long time in domestic and regional “trending” lists. The strongest hip-hop and trap crew is joined by DJs Mandozica and the versatile Thicc Boi, who will deliver comprehensive sets featuring anthems and hits of their respective genres.

Currently, festival fans can purchase three-day tickets with a 40% discount, while one-day tickets will be available on Monday, August 8 at noon sharp. Also, a special group offer, “Buy 4, Grab 5” is currently available where fans who purchase four Sea Dance Festival tickets receive a fifth one as a gift.

The complete offer can be found here.